Currently I have been developing beginning watercolor videos for Skillshare. There are many reasons for doing this…. I love the idea of teaching design skills online. I also enjoy the classes from there too. In general I love learning new techniques and skills, plus refresher courses to get a renewed way to work on a product I have used for years…. Photoshop and Illustrator among others. Ever since I could remember I have always had an intense need to explore different mediums and materials. Why start with watercolor? Watercolor was my first love as a medium…. It amazed me how many different things you could do and ways you can work.  I realize that my knowledge of other mediums has allowed even more growth in the watercolor medium. As I was demonstrating the wet on dry technique of pulling a line out into gradations…I thought about my illustrations marker class I took years ago. Though marker can be less forgiving, making sure to finish a gradation in smaller more manageable sections is key to creating a successful flowing even gradation. Re-wetting the line and merging two gradation is fairly easy in watercolor where it takes a lot more planning and skill in marker. Acrylic is very opaque and the colors can go flat or dull in comparison to the luminosity of watercolor. Yet I have a strong affinity to both mediums and the difference in the way you work in both. Many times while I am working I realize I find myself merging two or three ideas, mediums and personal goals.  A new medium for me is video work and I really enjoy this because it also enables me to merge my other mediums…. writing music, graphics, and I love the different voices of people. Though I think I would rather be taping other people and seeing their beauty. Creating these videos have allowed me to understand how my taped subjects may feel while being taped. I also want to understand the Skillshare platform, so I can help other artist understand that as well. Why teach a video class? In a few months I have a fairly large project I will be working on.  Needing a video project to keep me fresh and debug any issues with a smaller project for example my equipment being obsolete. I focus on online video formats YouTube or Vimeo with a more natural everyday feel. One of my goals is to help other artist with their own teaching videos.  As far as teaching…. I have had different people mention they may want to learn some of the skills I have acquired over the years, usually in passing and I just figured they were being nice.  While I am in a class (with peers or as a teacher assistant) I find myself helping the students who may need the most help and using their own strengths to help them build awesome projects.  I think sometimes people don’t really understand the talents they have, only need someone to point them in the right direction which I am very good at.  Everyone needs another person to give them a different perspective. It is innately how we learn and grow. So far I have learned a lot and have more to learn as always.  As I was telling my sister who just recently retired…. It is the path that is important because destinations can be pretty empty.  In art you feel that a lot… you just finish a huge project and should feel great for getting to that goal, but it is really about taking that next step and starting that next project that makes you feel alive and happy. Many times I feel a little fear as I start my next project, but soon after I start everything goes into place.  Starting to see a path unfolding but of course it needs time to be develop.


Up coming projects:

Skillshare Watercolor Resist and Brushes classes

Spoonflower Designs Monthly

Pattern for CCLC 70th-75th Anniversary

History of CCLC 70th-75th Anniversary Video

Woodshop Projects (as they come in)

Graphics (as they come in)

Video (as they come in)

Refining CNC Skills to implement in Woodshop Designs.