Lately I have been thinking a lot about the texture of sound.  Creativity starts with putting all aspects of a subject at the most elementary singular units,


understanding them and then putting them back together into something different.  If you wonder why creativity sometimes feels a lot like organizing… well part of it can be.  Now back to the texture of sound… all art (music, design,writing,dance…etc) share emotions and communicate ideas.  In drawings and pictures these can be simplified icons of our surroundings that have meaning. In Sound it is the loudness, smooth or shrill, quickness or length of the sound.  Just the way someone talks can impact how their words are heard.  Then you have nature, machines, and the sound of different materials interacting with the world.  What does a sound feel like (or make you feel like) or look like…(or what image comes up when you hear that sound.) Looking forward to recording sounds and creating something new.