Photo of Liza WoodworkingStarting in August, I worked on getting my woodshop up and running.  As always it is a little bit of going forwards and backwards.   Started with a small budget for getting in tools that would help me make the brackets for Capitol City Lumber Company, my family’s 70 year old business. In the past month and a half I have made over 400 brackets.  Also with some help from my dad and brother-in-law I have updated woodshop with AC/Heat, Dust Collector System, Air Compressor, Work Table, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Spindle Sander, Flatbed Sanders, and Chop Saw.  Still have a wishlist of things I still need to perfect my shop, but that all comes in time.  Currently I am focused on making small wood product runs that I can make for businesses, but I also work on graphics, video and custom woodworking items.