Window Curtains: Project 1

I have had a lot of fun lately creating new fabric designs and putting them up on Spoonflower. A company that does short run fabrics, wallpaper and gift paper for all quantity levels of need. Having more than 20 years of thumbnails I have been drawing all these years, my watercolor thumbnails, along with coming up with new ideas gives me plenty of possibilities for generating new patterns.

My first project using my pattern designs. Feather2 Vertical is a pattern design I had drawn in my journal years ago that I picked up as a possible design that looked like feathers for a client looking for angel wing textures. A vertical stripe that reads as an organic stripe from nature. This was a project to show how this pattern looks as curtains. These curtains fit perfect in my bathroom where I have a jungle theme.

You may check out more of my designs at Spoonflower site at