Santa Fe Square OttomanOver the past years, I have worked on furniture, smaller accessories, and stain glass items.  This is where I started my journey as an artist/designer.  I continue to search for just the right balance between art/design/music and technology.  I enjoy creating furniture,  music, video and graphic art.  I also love computers and tools- even love reading manuals.  I can never put away one of my interest for another forever….  they will always be part of me.  I believe that all the things you learn in life, help you to achieve your next goal.  I would rather try something, than to be afraid to try something new.  I am sure that many of the things I have done are really just because I never really thought too hard about how difficult they would be to achieve.  Examples would be designing an ottoman… dying the fabric, creating the pattern and the wooden structure  in design to in technology taking  11000 lines of Flash 3.0 code and simplifying it to 5000 lines of code in a game I created. The following is a video I created while I was in pursuit of a position at a game company….. later I worked for Electronic Arts and Red Storm briefly.  The gaming industry is less stable than I prefer for an occupation. Here is to my next journey where ever it may take me.