What I love about making videos verses my other artistic endeavors is connecting to people.  While going back to school I co-oped with Garner Citizen News.  During this time I created my first video about the history of Garner Library.  I went around town finding out different sources of information and double checking all my references on dates.  Most of my video consisted from a few interviews with two Garner locals who were charming and extremely informative.  My next video was showing an art class in progress.  My latest video which made me extremely excited was about Tom Lohr and his time at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church as their Director of Music.

Tom Lohr is not only the Director of Music at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, he is also a wonderful composer and organist.  This video was to celebrate the contributions Tom brought the church. The main parts of the video were about the music and the relationship between Tom and the church.  I never know how an interview will go.  I went over to the church to find the perfect spot for the interview.  I checked the lighting in different places around the church.  Finally settled on the sanctuary-   the light seemed pretty good;  I knew it would take a while to do the interview and I wanted him to be comfortable;  and there were some areas like parlors that looked like a living room but I wanted him to be somewhere that would make him think about his time with the choir.  At one point during the interview someone asked Tom if he was nervous, he said something that really pleased me.  Something to the effect that I was very easy to talk to and he could never be nervous around me.  He was amazing too…. very concise with his thoughts and sharing of his stories. The music was just as fascinating to me.  I had been in the choir for little short spurts of time, so I knew how musically gifted he is and that he composed.  Yet spending time with his music and listening to many of them over and over not only was I pleased with his music…. very thrilled he was not a hard rock band.  My understanding of the church experience was helpful in making the video feel like part of the experience of looking at the words as you sing the music and that silence in a service is just as important as sound. Bringing it all together.  Combining the interview, the music and the visual images provided by the church was where the magic happens.   Here is the video below, hope you enjoy.