Oak Soccer has a fundraiser going on at Drink,Drank,Drunk! on Friday November 11th from 6:00PM to 10:00pm. Located at 905 W Morgan St, Raleigh NC. The following are 2 art pieces that will be there.  (More information below on Oak City Soccer)


Rachel Nicholson’s Felt Dog and Liza Sayre’s WaterDrops Tray


Oak City Soccer is a wonderful program that helps kids with Autism learn many important life skills by playing soccer. The owners and staff are dedicated in helping each kid learn in a happy and kind environment that promotes the kids to learn at their own pace.  It is an amazing community for the parents too.  www.oakcitysoccer.net   A few months ago I had the opportunity to video the parents talking about their experience at Oak City Soccer.  See video below.